I got to watch the best movie ever this morning – Terminator 2: Judgment Day!  It has everything – a loving mom willing to escape the psycho ward to help her son, a 12-year old boy destined to save the world (kids always do), a bad guy who just won’t die no matter how many times you shoot him with a bazooka, and a governor.

Wait, a governor? You mean to tell me that the governor of California is actually a futuristic robot who was once sent back in time to kill Sara Conner, but has since been reprogrammed to help her?  No wonder that state is nearly bankrupt.  Who could expect a machine to exercise fiscal responsibility.

It turns out that all morning was turn-back-the-clock day.  Dad and I spent three hours watching Beverly Hills 90210 as well.  The 90s must have been a real weird time.  Those kids seemed to have problems with everything – boyfriends, tapered acid-washed jeans, and diet pills are just a few of their issues.   It’s a wonder Mommy and Daddy survived that era.  Trust me, the Jersey Shore is nothing compared to the kids of West Beverly High School.