Dad has started calling me Ross Perot.  Ross Perot was a businessman turned politician in the 90s who was famous for “the giant sucking sound”.  He was referring to jobs moving south of the border to Mexico.  It wasn’t the most eloquent way to describe the phenomenon, but it made people listen.

Well, Dad calls me Ross Perot because I have discovered a giant sucking sound my own.  Today I discovered my hands.  It happened when I realized that I could push my binky back into my mouth without help (these hands were pretty useful)

.  The sucking sound came when I realized my hand tastes better than my binky.

So, for the past two hours, I have been removing my binky and sucking on my hand. I think it is awesome!  Dad thinks it is funny.  Mommy wakes up, puts my binky back in my mouth and says, “Buddy, stop that.  You don’t need to suck your hand”.  So, I wait until she falls back to sleep (it doesn’t take long), then I remove the plug and find my hand again.  Dad just laughs and waits for Mommy to wake up again.  There she goes and now she is threatening to strap my hands down.  Yeah, right!

Daddy’s Photos (That’s right, the lazy bum finally took some more shots!)