My post is a little late because I spent four days last weekend in St. Louis.  I had a blast meeting so many of Mom and Dad’s friends, but was amazed at how different it is up there.  It’s a lot colder there than here.  People there don’t ever seem to go to work.  They stay up very late.  They have tons of brownies – literally tons (I had never seen a brownie).  I want a brownie – bad!

These were new experiences, but the biggest difference is that St. Louis is home to a giant red bird!  That’s right, a giant red bird!  I didn’t know such a thing existed, but it does.  And, apparently he frequents St. Louis weddings.

I was just minding my own business.  I was sitting at a table with Aunt Hannah.  It was just after dinner and I was really tired.  After all, weddings in St. Louis last all day and this was the fourth wedding weekend event I had attended – rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, a Friday cookout, the wedding, now the reception – so, actually it was the fifth event!

Dad was acting crazy.  He had one of those adult beverages in his hand (not the first one I saw him with), he was dancing (I guess you would call it dancing), and Paw Paw was laughing at him.  Daddy had just given Cousin Kindale back to Nanny and picked me up to dance with him.  Now that was scary enough.  I mean the man has no rhythm!  It wasn’t long before he had me dizzy for the first time in life.

That’s when i saw the Big Red Bird.  I thought it was the verrtigo from Dad’s horrible gyrations.  But, then everyone screamed “FredBird”.  That’s right, he had a name!  Then, he bit a pregnant lady on her belly.  Suddenly, he was holding me.  I couldn’t believe it!  Daddy had willingly given me to a giant creature of another species!

It turns out that Fred Bird can dance much better than Dad.  For the three minutes he held me, my vision cleared and all was good.  We posed for a photo and I had made a new friend.  Then, I found out his friend, Rockey, lives in Memphis.  Dad promised I will meet him in April at a Redbirds game.  I can’t wait to see him now that I like giant red birds!