Life is settling into routine. I sleep nine hours each night, wake up happy and ready to enjoy my five ounce bottle. I go to school and hang out with all my friends and teachers. Mommy picks me up, usually after everyone else has left, then I go home for at least one more bottle before bed. Yawn! That’s pretty boring.

I want to spice things up a bit. Daddy told me and Mommy about people repelling down his building yesterday as part of a fundraiser. Now, that sounds like fun! Unfortunately, I missed the deadline.

So I am determined to do it next year. All it requires is a $1,000 donation to a very worthy cause. I have 365 days to raise the funds. If every reader here gives $5 each time they read a post, I will have enough funds to participate next year!

Okay, Daddy is screaming now that there is no way is 1-year old son is going to dangle off a 24-story building. Blah blah blah! The old man needs to get a sense of excitement. Why did I have to be born to two bankers. They are way too cautious!

Well, since the repelling idea is apparently out, I need suggestions! What can a thrill-seeking newborn do for some fun around here? Any suggestions?

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That’s better.