• My dog (Domino) ate my posts.
  • Dad grounded me from the internet for two weeks because I tried to open a Facebook account. He says I still can’t have one.
  • We are renovating the kitchen and I have spent each of the last 14 nights supervising the work done by the sub-contractors.
  • I was temporarily hypnotized by my success in the stock market (Boston Beer – NYSE:SAM). I made 30% in two weeks and spent the last week looking for another winner!
  • I’m getting older and need more rest.

Okay, so none of the excuses above make up for the fact that I haven’t posted in nearly a month. It’s been just as hard on me as you, though. I have been frustrated by my unplugged life and I vow to redouble my efforts going forward.

So, here are a few highlights from the last few weeks.

Week 13 – I made a significant cognitive advance this week. I hit myself in the head with a toy for the first time. It hurt. Dad just laughed at me and promised it wouldn’t be the last time. I hope it is; I mean it really hurt!

Week 14 – Daddy finally figured out how to use the webcam from school. He has now seen me online twice. Both times I was leaving the classroom with a teacher. I tried to tell him how popular I was a school, but he wouldn’t believe me. They love me there!

Week 15 – I have heard so much from Mom and Dad about this Harry Potter character.  Apparently, there are several books and movies about him and Mom doesn’t say much so as not to spoil the story for me.  However, I have learned he has a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.  Mom and Dad enjoy his story so much that I scratched my own lightning bolt mark on my forehead.  Okay, it’s just a straight line and I did it on accident.  But, now I am trying to convince them it was a Harry Potter thing.

Week 15 (again) – I heard so many people cheering the runners for the St. Jude Marathon this morning.  I saw a few runners on our way to lunch, but I heard the cheers from my backyard.  It sounded fun, and given Dad’s 5k experience, this might be something I would like to do.  So, if any of you out there are so inclined, please tell Mom and Dad to get me a Baby Jogger stroller for Christmas.  If I get one now, Dad and I can be ready for the half-marathon next year.